Saturday, April 10, 2010

Auckland MMA Fight Results: Shuriken Pride of the North Shore

BEN SOSOLI (116.7kg) [Auckland MMA] beat LANCE VALE (118.6kg) [Shuriken MMA] by split decision in the extension round

T AMURU (63kg) [Gracie Barra] beat DILLON PETI (60kg) [Hibiscus MMA] by arm bar submission

MARK ABELARDO (66kg) [Strikeforce] beat RORY BARKER (64.2kg) [Hibiscus MMA] by unanimous decision

HAYDEN WATT (67kg) [Shuriken MMA] beat JAY JOHNSON (66.3kg) [Ground Control] by guillotine submission

Sam Gascoigne (73kg) [Gracie Barra] beat DANIEL BEAZLEY (75.6kg) [Carnage MMA] by unanimous decision

(Xtreme Muay Thai)
DENEY HAYWARD (64kg) [Shuriken MMA] beat ROSE TEHAU (66.9kg) [Strikeforce] by split decision

TRAVIS MOORS (79.1kg) [Ground Control] beat ADAM WELLINGTON (79.8kg) [Shuriken MMA] by guillotine submission

RHYS BEATTIE (82kg) [Strikeforce] beat by KIEREN MARTIN (78kg) [Shuriken MMA] KO

DAMIEN LEE (78.6kg) [Gracie Barra] beat Joe Trevan (80kg) [Hibiscus MMA] by kimura submission

LOGAN PRICE (81kg) [Shuriken MMA] beat BRAD FLAVELL (83.7kg) [Gracie Barra] by unanimous decision in Round 4 extension

DAN STEADMAN (86kg) [Auckland MMA] beat NOAH HARRISON (85kg) [Shuriken MMA] by rear naked choke submission

VICTOR KALOLO (90kg) [Shuriken MMA] beat RICHARD COOPER (89kg) [Ground Control] by split decision

KARA SMITH (96kg) [Gracie Barra] beat CEABLE MATENA (95.5kg) [Hibiscus MMA] by kimura submission

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Auckland MMA Fights

Auckland MMA community has a growing group of fighters willing to compete in MMA fights.

The two main Mixed Martial Arts promotions are Supremacy and ICNZ MMA.
Supremacy MMA fights are fought in a cage and the ICNZ MMA fights are fought in the ring. The ICNZ promotions are usually filled up with B-class fighters which dont allow punches to the head while on the ground.